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Rosemount Analytical

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Rosemount Analytical 6×10 Torque Type Power Positioners

The Rosemount Analytical 6 x 10 Power Positioners is a floor mounted torque style power positioner. The drive shaft is available as a left hand or right hand assembly.

The standard cam bar produces a straight line relationship. Shaping the cam bar in the field produces other relationships. Standard rotation (as supplied) moves the lever counterclockwise with increased loading pressure. Reverse rotation the lever moves clockwise with increased loading pressure when valve block and angling bar are reversed.

Rosemount Analytical 6×10 Torque Type Power Positioners include:

Coal-fired and natural gas fired applications
Steel mills

Floor mounted
Torque type damper drive
Brass or SS connections
Signal range options:
3 to 15 psi
0 to 30 psig
4-20mA (VP mounted & piped)
Repeatability: 1% of full stroke or better
Full stroke time (unloaded): 5 sec or less
10-inch stroke: (80° rotation)
Electrical connections: 16 gauge pigtail leads

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