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Rosemount Analytical PowerVUE 8×14 Power Positioner

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Rosemount Analytical PowerVUE 8×14 Power Positioner

The Rosemount Analytical PowerVUE 8×14 Power Positioner convert the linear motion from a pneumatic piston into an 80° rotation of a drive arm. With few moving parts, the pneumatic power positioner remains the simplest, most reliable and most cost-effective method of actuation. Torque ranges are offered from 400 ft-lbs to 4,600 ft.-lbs.

These instruments use two-wire loop power for low-cost replacement of existing instruments. The two-wire design avoids cost of separate power and signal wiring. Self-diagnostic capabilities allow you to check fan/damper actuator performance in place. You can compare the present signature (load, friction, etc.) against stored signatures to discover performance changes before they cause problems.

Applications for the PowerVUE 8×14 Power Positioner include:

Steel mills
Pulp and paper
Waste water (aeration blowers)

Floor Mount
Repeatability better than ±0.5%
Direct 4-20 mA signal input: integral I/P
Reverse or direct acting
Reliable, closed loop positioning
Double acting piston – no vanes
Optional “fail-in-place” upon loss of plant air
Manual operator
ValveLink Diagnostics/AMS

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