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Pyxis ST-500 Series Inline Fluorometer

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Pyxis ST-500 Series Inline Fluorometers

Measures the concentration of PTSA in cooling towers and RO water systems

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Pyxis ST-500 Series Inline Fluorometer

The Pyxis ST-500 Series Inline Fluorometers are very popular models for real-time monitoring of inhibitor doses with their extreme accuracy and proven robustness in the application of fluorescence traced cooling programs. They are mostly used for feedback control to maintain the dosed concentration within a narrow band around the set point regardless of changes in cycle or heat load dynamics.

The ST-500 series expands the target of measurements to a broad range of analytes, including fluorescein and naphthenic disulfonic acid (NDSA) to bring your success of traced cooling programs to boiler and other applications.

Models available:
ST-500: 0 to 200 ppb, CPVC housing
ST-500RO: 0 to 40 ppb, CPVC housing
ST-500SS: 0 to 200 ppb, 304 SST housing
±1% accuracy
Two-point calibration against standard solution
5ft cable with IP67 connectors
Bluetooth communication
3/4in NPT, panel mount installation
Operation pressure:
ST-500/ST-500RO: Up to 0.7 MPa (100psi)
ST-500SS: Up to 2.0 MPa (290psi)

Spec Sheets
Pyxis ST-500 Series Inline Fluorometers Datasheet PDF (345 KB)
Pyxis ST-500 Series Inline Fluorometers Manual PDF (5.0 MB)
All possible part numbers

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