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Pyxis SP-400 Fluorometer

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Pyxis SP-400 Fluorometer

Simultaneously measures conductivity and fluorescent tracer PTSA of a water sample.

Product details

Pyxis SP-400 Fluorometer

The Pyxis SP-400 Fluorometer measures the concentration of a fluorescent substance in a liquid sample. The SP-400 has a built-in sample cell and samples can be directly filled into the sample cell eliminating the need for purchasing/using sample cuvette’s. It is a dual channel fluorometers that measures PTSA (1,3,6,8-pyrenetetrasulfonic acid) and conductivity with patent pending technology to combine cutting edge optical measurement with electrochemical measurement in the same sample cell.

Simultaneous measurements
Conductivity specs:
0 to 15000 µS/cm range
±10% or ±0.5 µS/cm accuracy (0 to 20 µS/cm range)
±1% accuracy (20 to 10000 µS/cm range)
±2% accuracy (10000 to 15000 µS/cm range)
PTSA specs:
0 to 300 ppb range
±1% or ±1.0 ppb accuracy
TFT-LCD display, visible in direct sunlight
IP67, dustproof and waterproof
9V alkaline battery
3,200 readings (480mAh battery) battery life

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