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Kanomax 6700-VG Micromanometer

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Kanomax 6700-VG Micromanometer

Handheld micromanometer with velocity grid for differential pressure, velocity, or flow.

Product details

Kanomax 6700-VG Micromanometer

The Kanomax 6700 handheld micromanometer can be used with pitot tubes, flow grids, differential pressure tubing or the velocity-grid (for average face velocity readings). Simultaneously measures and displays pressure, air velocity, and airflow. The 6700 can store up to 8000 measurements, and is optimal for HVAC, TAB and Cleanroom Certification applications.

Standard with Bluetooth wireless
Supply and exhaust
Datalogging up to 8000 points
3.5″ color screen
Memory and averaging
Velocity grid, airfoil and pitot tube mode
Velocity and pressure
Auto-range and zero
Air density corrected
Airflow range:
Pitot tube: 30 to 7874 FPM (0.15 to 40 m/s)
Velocity grid: 30 to 2952 FPM (0.15 to 15 m/s)
+/- 3% of reading +/- 0.05 m/s accuracy
Pressure range:
-10 to 10in w.c. (-2500 to 2500 Pa)
+/- 1.5% of reading +/- 0.25 Pa accuracy
Absolute pressure range:
20 to 38in Hg (70 to 130 kPa)
+/- 2% of reading accuracy

What’s in the Box
Velocity Grid (pn 6700-01)
USB communication software/cable
Non-slip durable plastic case
Neck/shoulder strap
Pressure tubing
(4) AA batteries

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