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Kanomax 6162 Anemometer

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Kanomax 6162 Anemometer

Combination air velocity meter and precision thermometer for mid- to high temperature environments

Product details

Kanomax 6162 Anemometer

The Kanomax 6162 anemometer is combination air velocity meter and precision thermometer. Both measurements are simultaneously displayed on the digital readout. A memory function holds 999 separate data points allowing for easy review of history and trends on the graphic display.

The Kanomax 6162 has an air velocity range up to 9840 fpm with a standard accuracy of ±3% F.S. The thermometer function allows for fully temperature compensated readings. The 6162 is suitable for mid- and high temperature environments and is capable of measuring temperatures up to 392ºF (200ºC) when used with probe model 0203 or temperatures up to 752ºF (400ºC) with probe model 0204 or 0205. Temperature readings are accurate to ±1%(+1°C). Probes are completely interchangeable allowing users to easily replace them in case of damage or depending upon the application.

The Kanomax 6162 anemometer includes a built-in RS-232 C serial interface for connection to PCs as well as 0-1V analog output.

Simultaneous display of air velocity and temperature
Secondary temp compensation circuit improves response time
Easy review of time history by graphic display
Memory function of maximum 999 separate data points
Built-in RS-232 C serial interface for connection to PC.
0 to 1 V Analog output
Interchangeable probes
What’s in the Box
Shoulder strap
AC adapter
2 analog output cables
6C batteries

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