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Trimble FX (Surphaser) Laser Scanner

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Trimble FX (Surphaser) Laser Scanner w/ Yuma, FX Controller Software

The Trimble FX scanner is an advanced 3D laser measurement instrument designed for use in industrial, shipbuilding and offshore platform environments where fast acquisition
of clean, accurate data is paramount . With a 360° x 270° field of view and average data capture rates of 190,000 points per second, the Trimble FX system provides real advantages for your project management . The Trimble FX scanner is a highly mobile instrument that weighs just 11 kg, allowing for easy movement on a project . The included carry on case conforms to the requirements of most airlines to be placed in an overhead luggage bin, allowing you to carry the instrument with you, reducing the risk of damage or misplacement . The Trimble FX scanner also meets the carry on requirements for working in the offshore industry, where the shipment of equipment is restricted.

The Trimble FX scanner in conjunction with the Trimble FX controller software offers users a flexible 3D imaging solution by providing the ability to change the size of the image grid . This creates a low or high resolution dataset . Flexibility like this is necessary to adapt to a variety of projects such as a congested industrial environment, a reverse engineering project, verifying dimensional control or to control construction accuracy .

Trimble FX (Surphaser) Laser Scanner Key Features:

Designed for performance in industrial environments
360° x 270° field of view
Data capture rate >190,000 points per second
Clean low-noise data
Compact, lightweight design
Data integrates with other Trimble survey instruments

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