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Transmille 3200 Series Electrical Calibrator

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Transmille 3200 Series Electrical Calibrator

Portable, calibration of Loop & RCD Testers, PATs and Insulation Testers, high accuracy, user friendly

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Transmille 3200 Series Electrical Calibrator

The Transmille 3200 Series Electrical Calibrator provides fast and safe solutions for calibration of Loop, RCD, PAT’s and insulation testers. Traditional testing practices require many items of test equipment and exposure to hazardous voltages, with a typical multifunction tester taking up to 45 minutes to test. Using the 3200B, calibration time can be dramatically reduced to under 15 minutes, all while increasing safety. Cost effective calibration can be put into practice easily, providing a fast return on investment.

A dedicated localized mains socket on the front panel provides direct connect for Loop and RCD testers, removing the need to make connections to the mains/line voltage using 4mm type test leads and crocodile clips. This important safety feature eliminates the risk of shock to the engineer as connections are made with standard mains/line plugs. Loop and RCD testers can simply be plugged directly into the dedicated front panel mains/line socket

PAT testers plug directly into the 3200 IEC inlet socket using the calibrated lead supplied. The earth bond lead clips on to the earth bond post. This terminal is electrically floating with respect to mains earth allowing calibration of PATs which cannot be used on earthed appliances.

For flash voltage measurement the external adapter allows the HV probe from the PAT to be pushed down onto a measurement point on the adapter.

The 3200 has been designed from the outset as a high accuracy reference for testing of electrical test equipment. Its accuracy provides a superior stand off ratio better than 4:1 essential for accurate, repeatable testing.


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