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NoShok 3010 Series Chain Hoist Test Kit

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NoShok 3010 Series Chain Hoist Test Kit

For friction clutch testing on chain hoists, 90 to 7,700 lbs load range, accuracy less than 2.2 lb.

Product details

NoShok 3010 Series Chain Hoist Test Kit

The NoShok 3010 Series Chain Hoist Test Kit is for friction clutch testing on chain hoists. The force transducer is inserted into the chain, travels upwards with it against the base of the chain hoist and thereby blocks the chain. The 3010 is an easy to use, precise, durable and dependable tester for slip couplings on chain hoists.

The 3010 Series has a measurement range from 90 to 7,700 lb and an accuracy range of less than 2.2 lb. The display unit allows you to read the load at which the friction clutch stalls. The Kit includes a force transducer with an integrated handle and display unit. Two chain adapters and three centering sleeves also included for use with most types of chain hoists in the specified load range

Applications include:

Friction clutch testing on chain hoists
Chain hoist users
Service and maintenance

Load range: 90 to 7,700 lbs
5 digit illuminated LCD display
99 data set storage
8 hour battery life
Environment protection:
Force transducer IP67
Hand-held indicator IP40

What’s in the Box
ViSens display device
Signal cable, 10 meter
Charging device 110-240 V
EU adapter
Force transducer
Chain centering shell 3 (4-5 mm)
Chain centering shell 2 (6-7 mm)
Chain centering shell 1 (8-11 mm)
Chain adapter B (4-6 mm)
Chain adapter A (7-22 mm)
Aluminum carrying case

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