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Honeywell RAEGuard 2 PID

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Honeywell RAEGuard 2 PID

Fixed photoionization detector that measures a broad range of volatile organic compounds.

Product details

Honeywell RAEGuard 2 PID

The Honeywell RAEGuard 2 PID is a fixed photoionization detector (PID) that measures a broad range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The RAEGuard 2 PID operates on 10 to 28 VDC and provides an analog 4-20mA, three-wire signal output and RS-485 Modbus digital signal output.

The RAEGuard 2 PID uses an intelligent processing platform and digital sensor technology that supports multiple ranges and resolutions and is capable of environmental self-adaptation. Calibration and maintenance have been greatly simplified as the digital PID module can be easily removed in hazardous locations for calibration or maintenance.

The RAEGuard 2 PID has a graphic display and local sound alarm and LED light status indicator. In addition, Low, High, and Fault relays can be configured to trigger external alarms or process controls. A magnetic key interface enables the detector to be calibrated and operational parameters adjusted with the explosion-proof enclosure in place.

Some key applications for the RAEGuard 2 PID along with the PIDs involved include:

Benzene in refinery analyzer shelters
Ammonia in industry
Vinyl Chloride in chemical manufacturing
Toluene or Ammonia in semi-conductor plants
Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone in pulp and paper
Solvent and chemicals storage
Phenol and DME in pharmaceutical
Toluene in printing
Air quality
Methyl Ethyl Ketone in paint spray booths
Heat transfer fluids
Acetone, Xylene, Phenol in medical, pathology, histology lab

Digital Smart Sensor Technology
Detection range options:
0.01 to 100ppm, 0.1 to 1000ppm, or 1 to 1000ppm
Operates in flow-through mode
Three wires, supports 4-20mA analog output
RS-485 digital communication in ModBus protocol
Explosion-proof stainless-steel enclosure
For hazardous environment applications
Adjust parameters without opening housing
Matrix LCD of 128 x 64 supports graphic display
LED alarms when High or Low alarm point is reached
Operation at 10 to 28 VDC
Three dry contacts
(<30Vdc, 2A) normally open (or normally closed)
High and Low alarm
Fault alarm

What’s in the Box
Magnetic key
Hex service tool
Spare sensor lamp
10 pack of Teflon UV shields
5 pack of external water trap filters
5 pack of internal dust filters
User manual

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