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TSI Alnor ABT701 Balometer

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TSI Alnor ABT701 Balometer

2ft x 2ft capture hood for measuring air volume to balance buildings and verify air flow distribution

Product details

TSI Alnor ABT701 Balometer

The TSI Alnor ABT701 balometer is an accurate and dependable analog instrument designed for use in ventilation testing and balancing. By placing it over a diffuser or grille, air volume measurements are obtained quickly and easily thus maximizing productivity.

The ergonomic and ultra lightweight design allows for easy one person operation. The simple-to-read analog meter quickly displays measurements.

Supply & exhaust ranges
30 to 1,000 CFM (ft³/min
50 to 2,000 CMH (m³/hr)
±3% of full scale +5 CFM (ft³/min) accuracy
Scale divisions
5 from 30 to 250 CFM
10 from 200 to 500 CFM
20 from 400 to 1000 CFM (ft³/min)
Easy one person operation
Simple-to-read analog meter
What’s in the Box
Wheeled luggage-style carrying case
Four AA alkaline batteries
NIST calibration certificate

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