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The Thermo Scientific MIRAN SapphIRePortable Ambient Analyzer is a family ofportable, lightweight infrared instrumentsthat can monitor ambient air in workplace

Product details

THERMO SCIENTIFIC MIRAN Sapphire 205B-XL1A3N Portable Ambient Air Analyzer

Key Features
• Exclusive wavelength generator
filter design
• Library of up to 121 components
• Sensitive for sub-ppm detection
• Versatile and upgradable
• Lightweight and portable

Portable Ambient Analyzer is a family of
portable, lightweight infrared instruments
that can monitor ambient air in workplace
environments for the purpose of detecting
the presence of gases. The exclusive
design of the wavelength generator filter
allows accurate and fast wavelength
selection separating the MIRAN SapphIRe
Analyzer from other portable gas analyzers.
The MIRAN SapphIRe Analyzer contains a
single-beam infrared spectrophotometer to
specifically and accurately measure many
gases with a single unit. A microcontroller
will automatically control the analysis,
process the measurement signal, and
calculate the absorbance values. Results of
this analysis can be displayed in parts per
billion (ppb), parts per million (ppm),
percent (%), mg/m3, or absorbance units.
The rechargeable internal battery pack
provides power for up to four hours of
continuous operation. The system includes
a separate charger/power supply that will
allow the analyzer to be powered from an
AC supply. It is also used to recharge the
battery pack either in an offline mode or
while the analyzer is running in normal
The MIRAN SapphIRe analyzer models can
be configured with two options: intrinsic
safety certification and spectral scanning
using Thermo Scientific ThermoMatch™
Spectrum Correlation Software.
All MIRAN SapphIRe analyzers include a
user-defined library space for 10 single-gas
and 10 multi-gas applications. Upgrade
options are available for spectral scanning
to be used with ThermoMatch for field

Contains 121 single-gas compounds. The XL analyzer offers optimal
measurement capabilities for high-end users who need to measure
many or mixed atmosphere gases. It is ideal for consultants, industrial
hygienists, regulatory agencies and emergency response professionals.
Contains 50 single-gas compounds. The SL analyzer provides flexibility
for users who perform similar measurements on a routine basis. It is
popular with indoor air quality specialists and anesthetic gas monitoring
The DL analyzer is designed for users who regularly encounter a limited
number of air monitoring applications. Defi ned applications are loaded
into the user library. It features quick and easy operation for
enforcement agencies and specified compound measurement projects.
ThermoMatch™ Spectrum Correlation Software
Available on all models, ThermoMatch software includes 150 commonly
toxic industrial compounds, and may be modifi ed to a user library of
hundreds more. This software enables the user to detect and identify
hazardous gases on-site resulting in quicker corrective action and less
money expended on “blank” samplers being analyzed at the lab.

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