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SciAps Z-901 CSi Analyzer

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The SciAps z-901 CSi analyzer is the perfect tool for operators who own XRF and need the occasional carbon measurement.

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SciAps Z-901 CSi Analyzer

SciAps breakthrough LIBS technology is now widely accepted for carbon testing. It’s included in API 578 2nd Edition, it’s accepted at most every major refinery, and in use worldwide by fabricators, pipeline owner/operators, power plants and other users of carbon steels and L- and H-grade stainless. The CSi is ultra-compact at 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) and rivals the size and weight of most handheld XRF units. It’s the world’s smallest, lightest weight, sleekest analyzer for carbon analysis in alloys.

LIBS Sensor – advanced spectrometer design for high resolution and wide range
Internal Camera – precise targeting of analysis location
Macro Camera – photo documentation of samples, reading barcodes and QR codes
Report Generation – full-featured, with available cloud data management and reporting
Narrow Snout – tapered for welds or difficult-to-access test locations
Laser Safety Sensor – patented sample sensor allow Class 1 operation, subject to LSO approval
Intuitive Android – operating system, with app based software
High Resolution Display – rear-facing display for easy viewing

The SciAps Z-901 CSi Analyzer is the perfect tool for operators who own XRF and need the occasional carbon measurement. Many operators own one or more XRFs for PMI/NDT. It’s their preferred tool for high temp alloys, and for elements contributing to carbon equivalents (CE), residuals, and stainless steel grades: V, Mn, Cr, Ni, Cu, Nb, Mo. However, XRF does not measure carbon and therefore no carbon equivalents, no separation of L- and H-grade stainless, nor can you use the more forgiving low RE formula (Ni + Cu) < 0.15%. The CSi shows multiple carbon and silicon measurements, and the average. It meets multi-test averaging protocols required by some refineries and pipeline operators. It delivers fast, reliable carbon results to complement XRF tests, at a lower cost than the full LIBS system for carbon plus alloys. And SciAps cloud-driven data merging and report generation bring it all together in one report.

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