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Pruftechnik Rotalign Pro Laser Alignment System

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Pruftechnik Rotalign Pro Laser Alignment System

Excellent working condition!

Includes Current Calibration with Certificate.

You can upgrade your Rotalign Ultra with the following components:

ALI 2.112 SET Magnetic bracket system upgrade available: 2 magnetic brackets, and 4 support posts, 115mm (4½)

The system includes:

ALI 3.560 Rotalign® Pro Computer
ALI 2.800 Main power supply
ALI 3.600 Receiver, including dust cap
ALI 3.581-­2 Receiver cable, 2m
ALI 3.610 Laser sender with 9V battery, including dust cap
Other components include:

ALI 2.891set Chain bracket set for shaft dial. up to 8-­‐1/2” Including 20 support posts, 1 set each of 300mm and 600mm long chains in storage pouch
ALI 3.608 Adjustment tube
Tape measure
Foam Insert
1600 Pelican Case

Pruftechnik Rotalign Pro Laser Alignment System Taking professional alignment to a higher level

As maintenance technicians’ job responsibilities grow more varied, so does the need for an
alignment system to do more. Most systems can
deal with horizontal and vertical machinery and
measure soft foot. Some can even measure misalignment uncoupled – but the ROTALIGN® PRO
EX does much more. It lets you align machine
trains of up to six machines, calculating which
machine feet to move in order to minimize correction effort. It not only measures soft foot but
also analyzes it and suggests corrective action. It
can even compute thermal growth for you.
But ROTALIGN® PRO EX does not stop at the
alignment of rotating machines: it also features
optional programs for accurate geometric

Expertise for everyone
ROTALIGN® PRO EX makes quick, accurate shaft
alignment a simple affair for new users, yet
offers experts the functions they need in order
to master special challenges such as machine
trains and cardan shafts, flange-mounted
machines and nonrotatable shafts – all just a
few keystrokes away

Aligns horizontal and vertical machines
 Aligns coupled and uncoupled shafts
 Rotate shafts only a quarter-turn
in any position
 Machine train alignment
 Built-in soft foot expertise
 Thermal growth computation
 Cardan shaft alignment
 Measures geometrics with ease
 ALIGNMENT CENTER, the powerful
Windows® based PC software

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