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PIE 830 / 830PM Multifunction Process Calibrator

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PIE 830 / 830PM Multifunction Process Calibrator

High accuracy diagnostic calibrator with dual display, sources & measures mA , mV, V, ohms, frequency to 20 KHz, 14 TCs & 9 RTDs

Product details

PIE 830 / 830PM Multifunction Process Calibrator

The PIE 830 / 830PM multifunction process calibrator sources and measures mA , mV, V, ohms, frequency to 20 KHz, 14 TCs & 9 RTDs. It can detect hidden loop problems and can be used as a universal isolated transmitter for temperature, frequency, millivolt or pressure.

The PIE 830 / 830PM automatically detect 2, 3, or 4 wire RTDs. It sources and reads thermocouple types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, G, C, D, L (J DIN), U (T DIN) and P(Platinel II) RTD types Pt 100 Ohm (3850, 3902, 3916, 3926) and 1000 Ohm (3850) copper 10 & 50 Ohm, Nickel 110 and 120Ω.

The patented Loop Diagnostic technology detects ground faults and current leakage. Loop current, loop loads, and power supply voltage are simultaneously displayed in order to check all loop parameters at once.

The PIE 830PM is the panel mount version of the PIE 830, and includes 8.75in x 4.75in aluminum mounting plate, screws, and an 110/120V AC adapter.

±0.02% of reading + 0.01% full scale accuracy
Milliamp & voltage calibrator sources:
0 to 24mA & 0 to 10.25VDC
-20 to 99.999mV & -500 to 999.99mV
Simulate 2 wire transmitters
Simulate pH probes into transmitters & analyzers
Swap out faulty transmitters to diagnose control issues
Troubleshoot wiring problems without a multimeter
Panel mount option
CE compliant
Instrumart logoFREE Calibration with Data

What’s in the Box
Rubber boot
mA/V test leads
RTD wire Kit
Hands free carrying case
Four AA batteries
NIST traceable certificate

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