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Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller

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Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller

16-channel Modbus Safety System Display and Control

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Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller

The Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller is designed as a cost-effective mini-system controller alternative to expensive PLC systems. The SafeGuard comes standard with a centralized, easy-to-read LCD providing simultaneous status on 16 channel inputs as well as several expansion options including Mimic Display capabilities and HMI software packages. The SafeGuard can be equipped for any application, indoors or out, with your choice of a basic wallmount, a weather-proof fiberglass enclosure or rack panel mounting.

The SafeGuard Controller is easy to configure and user friendly Measurement ranges in engineering units, adjustable alarm set-points, dual serial interfaces and many other features combine to allow the SafeGuard to satisfy the needs of many demanding applications. It is widely used for centralizing the display and alarm processing functions in critical flame and gas detection applications.

An RS-485 Modbus slave port allows up to 128 SafeGuard‘s to be multidropped onto a single data highway for interrogation by another Modbus master. SafeGuard’s may also be cascaded by connecting one unit’s master port to another’s slave port.

SafeGuard options such as discrete alarm relays per channel or 4–20 mA I/O are added by connecting appropriate 8 channel boards (2 required for more than 8 channels) to the economical I2 C expansion bus. Familiar “telephone style” cables and connectors interface to this bus. Versatile, expandable, and a wide range of system configuration options – satisfying the most demanding user applications.

8-channel display mode and boards
Dual Modbus RS-485 serial ports
Relay acknowledge feature
Graphic LCD readout
Alarm event printer interface
Cal mode offers push button zero/span calibration

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