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Mistras Pocket UT Encoded Scanner

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Mistras Pocket UT Encoded B & C-Scan for sale, good condition, track-pad clean, ready to go to out of the box

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Mistras Pocket UT Encoded Scanner

Mistras Pocket UT Encoded B & C-Scan Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for sale, good condition, trackpad clean, ready to go to out of the box
Mistras Pocket UT Encoded B & C-Scan Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Unit is in complete working order, Encoded B & C-Scan! Includes Encoder Cart! TOFD INSTALLED, latest firmware updated

Mistras Pocket UT Encoded B & C-Scan Ultrasonic Flaw Detector sale includes;
Mistras Pocket UT

-Encoded Bscan
-Encoded Cscan

R Scanner Encoder Cart
2ea Hard Case
Power Cord
Rubber Cover
R Scan Cables

 Mistras Pocket UT Encoded Scanner Features:
Data logging
Complete C-Scan with waveform storage
Thickness testing digital display w/A-Scan
Flaw detector w/A and B-Scan
Real time FFT spectrum analysis
Spike, Square Wave and Tone Burst
Field auditing tool (meets any UT testing need)
2-axis manual/automated scanner
interface for immersion testing or contact testing
Easy hand-held operation
Windows CE software, familiar and easy to operate
Up to 4-hour, integrated battery pack
Shortcut keypad and LCD for data entry, analysis and review of results, touch screen pendant control
Optional rolling sensor provides continuous area scan rather than point readings as with other NDT devices
C-Scan resolution up to full capability of the scanner
Dual gates with IP or first ECHO synchronization for contact or immersion testing
Permanent digital record of the test results
Compact Flash card and USB port for data transfer to laptop or desktop PC

This machine can be used to determine:

Functions: Thickness gauge, flaw detector, A-, B-, or full C-scan.
Pulse Voltage: 50 – 300 V turnable spike
Pulse Width: 50 – 1000 ns
Pulser Repetition Rate:50 Hz – 1 kHz
Bandwidth: 250 kHz – 20 MHz
Selectable Receiver Gain Range 80 dB
A/D Resolution: 10 Bits
Maximum A/D Rate: 100M Samples per second – 10 MHz
Operation Modes: A-scan, B-scan, flaw/thickness, or full C-scan modes
UT Operation Mode: Pulse-echo and through transmission
Gates: 2 independent gates with separated gate delay, width controls, synchronization threshold and detection threshold
Scanner: 2-axis manual or automated scanner interface
Battery Life: Up to 4-hours
Screen Operation: Freeze, waveform recall, zoom, pan, and reference memory
Report Generation: Report Generation

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