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Leica Nova TS60 Total Stations

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Leica Nova TS60 – World’s most accurate total station
Work reliably under any condition with the highest measurement accuracy


Product details

Leica Nova TS60 Total Stations

The new Leica Nova TS60 total station is the world’s most accurate total station, designed to tackle your most demanding projects. The ground-breaking angular accuracy of 0.5” (sub-second) and distance accuracy of 0.6mm + 1ppm (sub-millimetre) enables you to work at the same high performance levels, even in the harshest of conditions. Be it in rain, fog, dust, sun, heat shimmer or reflections, the TS60 offers the fastest re-lock in case of an interrupted line of sight.

The new TS60 comes with Leica Captivate, an onboard software with easy-to-use apps that covers all your measurement tasks. It helps turn complex data intuitively into the most realistic and workable 3D models. To make your workflow even more productive, the Dynamic Lock functionality is now integrated into the TS60 – it automatically locks onto moving prisms, eliminating the need for standing around and waiting. Setup your instrument faster with the revolutionary AutoHeight feature; simply press a button and start working on your next project.

When to use the Leica Nova TS60 Total Stations :

Highest accuracy for stakeout tasks in construction projects: stakeout design data, guiding pre-fabricated elements to the right position
Reference network measurements for construction and infrastructure projects: define the reference network frame with precise angle and distance measurements
Measuring buildings and structures: bridge condition/clearance analysis, BIM and as-built
Checking pre-fabricated elements in shipbuilding and for wind turbines: as-built checks and dimension control
Monitoring measurements: permanent or campaign monitoring of bridges, buildings and steel structures
Control of slab track installation and clearance surveys of railways
Self-learning total station

The TS60 delivers the best measurement performance by automatically and continuously adapting to site conditions, be it rain, fog, dust, sun, heat shimmer or reflections.
Never lose lock

Forget about losing target lock. ATRplus will keep your TS60 locked on your target and ignore all other distractions you might encounter in the field.

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