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Geomax Zone60 DG Fully-Automatic

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Fully-automatic grade specifically designed for construction workers who need the dependability and accuracy of a fully professional grade laser on a daily basis. With a straightforward user interface on both the laser and the RF remote, the craftsman is always in full control.

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Receiver Options
This Laser Rotator comes standard with the ZRB35 Basic Receiver.

ZRB35 Basic Receiver (standard)
ZRP105 Pro Receiver + $40.00
ZRD105 Digital Receiver + $215.00
Additional Options
Select additional items to make your laser rotator fully functional.

Mounting bracket for ZRB35 Basic Receiver + $50.00
Needed to mount the ZRB35 to the leveling rod

Clamp for ZRP105 and ZRD105 Receivers + $60.00
Needed to mount the ZRP105 and ZRD105 to the leveling rod

Medium Duty Aluminum Tripod + $80.00
A basic tripod for mounting the laser rotator

Wood Tripod Dual Clamp with Tool Kit + $150.00
Stronger tripod for additional stability

16′ fiberglass grade rod – tenths + $95.00
Units used by surveyors, engineers, and some construction personnel

16′ fiberglass grade rod – inches + $95.00
Units used by most builders and contractors

25′ Rectangular fiberglass grade rod – tenths + $165.00

Product details

Geomax Zone60 DG Fully-Automatic Dual Grade Laser

Self-levelling horizontal, vertical, digital slope in dual axis (full-automatic)

GeoMax cares for your work and wants your GeoMax laser tools to stay operational for as long as you work. To ensure this, products are supported by highly skilled service centers around the world offering the following services for the life time of your product:
· Repair and maintenance of lasers and accessories
· Re-calibration
· Cleaning and general servicing of all product parts
· Functional testing and product safety

Geomax Zone60 DG Fully-Automatic Dual Grade Laser 3 YEAR WARRANTY
The new GeoMax Zone Series laser rotators come with a cover-all warranty for 3 years, protecting the laser from all defects that could occur during regular use, thus keeping you fully operational at all times and limiting downtime to the minimum.

Free of charge services during the warranty period:

· Repair (parts and labor) or exchange of your laser
· Full functional and safety check
· Re-calibration after repair

The regular warranty period can be extended by 2 additional years for a fee.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or mishandling.

Range up to 3,000 feet with laser receiver
Horizontal and vertical self-leveling within ±6 degrees
±1/16-inch accuracy at 100 feet
Dual grade to ±15%
ZRC60 Remote Control included
Adjustable rotation speeds of 300 & 600 rpm
Up to 40-hour battery life
IP67 dust and water-resistant
5/8-11 tripod thread
Comes with alkaline battery tray

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