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Geomax Zenith40 GNSS GSM/UHF

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Geomax Zenith40 GNSS GSM/UHF, Base or Rover

The Zenith40 is the true flagship of GeoMax GNSS receivers. Equipped with NovAtel’s latest, cutting-edge measurement engine and supporting fast converging Precise Point Positioning (PPP), this antenna provides a highest level of technology and meets the toughest MIL standards. Zenith40 assures a workflow tailored to your needs thanks to the user-centered X-PAD Ultimate field software or the flexibility to run your own software on any data collector. The combination of all this in a GNSS smart-antenna creates a solution that is second to none.

Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty.

Rover Base setup
When you don’t have access to an RTK network you might have to setup your own base station in order to receive corrections. These are the accessories you might need besides the receiver itself:

A second RTK GNSS receiver. preferably from the same brand. If you already have another one, then make sure they run on the same frequency.
Surveying software. Your receiver provides you with the coordinates you need but you still need surveying software in order to process this information. Which software you need depends on your needs. We recommend keeping it simple and don’t pay for things you don’t need. Having that said, if you do have to do complicated surveying work make sure you get the right software. Some recommended options are Apglos, Carlson, Aplitop and FieldGenius. If you need help, feel free to contact us by phone or via the chat below!
Data collector. You might need a tablet or controller to run your software on. The type of tablet depends on which software you have choosen as some are Android based and some are Windows.
Bracket and Holders. These are used to connect your tablet to your surveying pole so the whole set is easier to handle.
Surveying pole. In order to get the best performance out of your receiver you want to minimise the disturbances around you and give it a clear sight to the satellites above. That why its recommended attaching your receiver on a 2 meter minimum surveying pole. These come in fixed rods and in telescopic rods.
Tripod and Tribrach. These are needed to setup your base station with the second receiver. The Tripod gives good stability so errors in sudden movements of the base station are avoided.
External Radio. Most RTK GNSS receiver have an internal UHF radio build in. However, sometimes the power output is not strong enough to give you the workable distance you need and an external radio required. Internal radios can go up to 3 Watts that can work up to 8km. External radios can easily achieve 35 Watt outputs, thereby increasing your working range.

Geomax Zenith40 GNSS GSM/UHF Additional Information
Centimeter accurate


L1, L2, L5

L1, L2, L3

AltBoc, E1, E5a, E5b, E6

B1, B2, B3



410-470 MHz



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