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Fluke 830 Laser Alignment Tool

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Fluke 830 Laser Alignment Tool

The Fluke 830 Laser Alignment Tool is the ideal test tool to precision-align rotating shafts in your facility. The 830 tool is easy-to-use, giving you fast, accurate and actionable answers that will keep your plant up and running. When it comes to laser shaft alignment, data is good but answers are better.

Unlike using the straightedge method or dial indicators the Fluke 830 performs the complicated alignment calculations for you, meaning you’ll have the answers you need to quickly align your machine and get your plant up and running fast. An enhanced user interface provides easy to understand results that don’t require extensive alignment knowledge and the unique “All-in-One” result screen that shows you both coupling results and feet corrections (vertical and horizontal) in real terms making it easy to take corrective action.

The 830 uses a patented single laser precision alignment system that provides accurate and repeatable measurement results so you can be assured you’re addressing misalignment problems properly.

Intuitive guided user interface
Intel XScale PXA270 running at 312MHz
Ambient light protection
64MB RAM, 64MB flash memory
32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C) operating temp
Compass measurement mode
Dynamic machine tolerance check
IP67 (submersible, dustproof) protection
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What’s in the Box
Laser sensor
Laser prism
Chain-type mounting bracket
Two 150mm support posts
Four 300mm support post
Micro fiber cleaning cloth
Sensor cable
PC cable
USB drive cable
Tape measure
Wireless Bluetooth module
Power adapter
Instruction kit
Carrying case

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