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Faro Vantage Laser Tracker

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We are also using the data records we upload for documentation as we progress toward our ISO9001 certification. It can also be tied into the MRP (manufacturing resources planning) software we are currently implementing to make our process even more efficient. All of these initiatives mean continuous improvement in the equipment we build and ship to your shop. Contact us to find out more about how our machine tools can help with your own production efficiencies.

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Faro Vantage Laser Tracker

We have a great reputation for delivering high quality and innovative machine tool solutions to our customers. But we never stop looking for technology that will help us make our products even better in the future.

Measure. Cut. Perfect.
About a year ago, we procured a FARO Laser Tracker, an extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machine. CMMs are used for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. The FARO gives us the opportunity to measure the accuracy of large sections that become part of our fabrication equipment before they go to final assembly. This minimizes surprises on the line and allows us to catch any miscalculations or design discrepancies earlier in production, making our manufacturing process much more efficient.

How It Works
The Faro Vantage Laser Tracker comes with PolyWorks inspection software that allows us to import a 3D model of a structural component (like a ram on a press). We can then compare the uploaded data with what is on file to make sure the part is within the specified tolerances. The software is capable of extracting dimensions from measured point clouds, polygonal models built from point clouds, or probed points. Nominal dimensions can also be extracted from a CAD model or a measured reference part.

Why We Use It
If we don’t get a match between the part and the stored data, we can backtrack within the manufacturing process to find error origins and make improvements within the plant. Troubleshooting is another key application. If assembly on a system isn’t coming together well, we can use the FARO to confirm if the dimensions are off. Its modular design lets us carry it around to wherever we need it within the facility. We can also use the uploaded specifications to refurbish old machinery as well. (Our equipment lasts generations, but some parts do wear out on occasion.) New parts can be made from the specs on file long after a model has been retired from our product line.

What It Means for You
It’s all about the ability to get accurate bends end to end. Precision machine tools are always in high demand as needs for tighter, fine-bending applications grow. How well dies comes together to bend the part depends on the accuracy of the measurement between the bed and ram. To be efficient, the process has to be repeatable. Tools like the Faro Laser Tracker enable us to produce accurate machines for your shop. Currently, on a 20-foot bed, we can keep parallelism within +/- 0.002”.



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