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Erbessd Reliability EI-Shaft Ace Shaft Alignment Tool

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Erbessd Reliability EI-Shaft Ace Shaft Alignment Tool

Wireless Bluetooth communication, simple 5-step alignment process, up to 10m measurement distance

Product details

Erbessd Reliability EI-Shaft Ace Shaft Alignment Tool

The Erbessd Reliability EI-Shaft Ace shaft alignment tool has a simple 5-step alignment process. The VLSAT improves asset availability and uptime through precision alignments. The sensors use the latest digital Bluetooth data processing technology. The sensor units have 30mm CCD-detectors to accommodate even the most difficult alignment set-ups, providing you with precise, repeatable measuring results and allow the system to be more interference immune from the external factors such as vibration and ambient light.

Wireless Bluetooth Communication
5-Steps alignment Process
Up to 10m measurement distance
Digital CCD detector
0.3% ±7m accuracy
IP65 protection
Operating temp: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
Formerly known as Erbessd EI-Alignment EI-Shaft Ace Laser Alignment System

What’s in the Box
2 Laser/Detector heads
2 Chain bracket sets
2 USB charging cables
2 Port USB wall charger
Soft carrying case
Software with manual

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