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Dwyer SAH Series Smart Air Hood

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Dwyer SAH Series Smart Air Hood

The SAH Series Smart Air Hood balancing instrument is made with polymer construction that represents the smallest and most aerodynamic design in the industry. The patent pending Quad Flow Design Technology is based on controlling air flow and minimizing back pressure which yields superior measurement accuracy. Featuring Wi-Fi direct communication, with a range of up to 200 yards (183 m) between the hood and a handheld test instrument, the user interface, mobility, data storage and transmission has never been better. The Series SAH includes Predictive Balancing, an industry first for air flow balancing. Predictive Balancing is a method of projecting the optimal flow set point for each diffuser while balancing the HVAC system. The handheld PredictAir™ application software includes algorithms enabling Predictive Balancing to achieve best in class accuracy. Balancing can be done with just one technician.

Dwyer SAH Series Smart Air Hood Features
Quad flow design technology
Predictive balancing
40 to 2000 CFM (19 to 944 l/s) (68 to 3398 m3/h) range
±3% accuracy
1 CFM (.5 l/s) (1.7 m3/h) resolution
Wi-Fi direct wireless communication up to 600 ft (183m)
5 to 95% RH range
10 to 2000 mbar (1000 to 200,000 Pa)
2 x 2ft (0.61 x 0.61m) opening
Instrumart logoFor full functionality and versatility, the A-SAH-12P is required for operation of all SAH models

What’s in the Box
Handheld test instrument
Android phone
SAH travel case
Connector cable
Charger and cable

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