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Digitrak Falcon F5 Drilling Locator

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Digitrak Falcon F5 DCI for sale, complete kit, good condition and ready to working out of the box

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Digitrak Falcon F5 Drilling Locator

Digitrak Falcon F5 Drilling Locator for sale, complete kit, good condition and ready to working out of the box
Transmitter 15” Sonde and 19” Long Range Sonde! good condition! works flawlessly!
Falcon F5 system includes advanced features like DataLog, iGPS, fluid pressure monitoring, and dual frequency bands. Falcon F5 tackles the biggest obstacles to completing your underground drilling projects: passive and active interference.

Digitrak Falcon F5
2X Li-ion battery packs
F Series Li-ion/NiMH battery charger
Operator’s manuals on USB flash drive
2X Transmitter Sonde (15” Sonde and 19” Long Range Sonde)
Hard Case
Maintain depth and data readings through interference sources including:
Traffic signal loops
Overhead power
Concrete with rebar
Unseen interference sources

A Breeze to Use
Easy operation for both pros and first-time users

All new Quick Scan-Pair makes it faster than ever to get the most out of your Falcon System.
Multi-power transmitters with three selectable power modes to dial in your ideal balance of power, battery life and data speed.
Four Easy to Use Locating modes.
0.1% Pitch Accuracy allows you to maintain precision for critical grade pipeline or sewer bores.

As-Built Made Easy
Increasingly, customers are requiring digital as-built reports for HDD installations. Our integrated iGPS and Log-While-Drilling (LWD) functionality allows you to easily generate polished and professional as-built reports with GPS data.

The LWD Mobile app, with available DDM Cloud subscription, brings all the features of our desktop as built software to the palm of your hand.

Quickly export, edit and email as-built reports right from your mobile device. Available exclusively from DigiTrak

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