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Crowcon Triple Plus Gas Detector

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Crowcon Triple Plus [TPU-04-XX-Z] 2 Gas Detector, CH4 % LEL, O2 Non-Pumped

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Crowcon Triple Plus [TPU-04-XX-Z] 2 Gas Detector, CH4 % LEL, O2 Non-Pumped

The Triple Plus+ is the latest generation of the respected “Triple” family of toxic, oxygen and flammable gas detectors. With over 90,000 units sold to oil and gas, chemical, utility and manufacturing companies worldwide, their combination of ruggedness, reliability, ease of use and sensor flexibility has set the standard for multigas portables.

IR option
IR sensors have very high resistance to interference or inhibition by other gases and are suitable for both high gas concentrations and use in inert (oxygen free) backgrounds where catalytic pellistor sensors would perform poorly.
The unique design of the Crowcon IR sensor module used in Triple Plus+ IR allows measurement of hydrocarbons at both %LEL and % volume ranges making this instrument ideal for tank and line purging applications.
No poisoning effects – works well where catalytic pellistors would perform poorly
Long life sensor and no burnout – reduced cost of ownership
% vol. measurement for purging applications – offers flexibility
% LEL measurement in air or inert backgrounds
Single or dual range measurement
IR CO2 detection, 0-5%

Clear and unambiguous
Piercing 85dB alarm at 1m – gives you confidence in the status of your Triple Plus+, and the environment you’re
working in
Vivid LED alarms with top visibility
Confidence blip, low battery and TWA warnings
Timed data logging with 100-hour capacity
Simple to customise
Wide range of electrochemical oxygen and toxic gas sensors – allows you to create your optimum 4 gas Triple
Available for diffusion, manual aspiration or pumped sampling
Interchangeable sensor modules
Comprehensive data logging with site and user names

TriaxTM casing will not crack or shatter when dropped – system integrity and operation assured
Unique internal design will resist the harshest treatment
Full buoyancy – makes recovery from water possible
Easy to maintain
Simple WindowsTM Software interface – user menus allow calibration with or without connecting to a PC
QuickCal for rapid calibration

What’s In The Box:
(1) Manual
(1) Shoulder strap
(1) Allen keys (pumped units include additional flow plate, 2m hose and pouch)

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