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AOI Series 3520 Oxygen Analyzer

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AOI Series 3520 Oxygen Analyzer

Portable, battery-operated trace oxygen monitor designed for spot measurements in commercial and industrial applications

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AOI Series 3520 Oxygen Analyzer

The AOI Series 3520 oxygen analyzer is portable, battery-operated, and designed for industrial and commercial applications where spot trace oxygen measurements are needed. The enclosure is made from durable polycarbonate, and is rated NEMA 1 for general purpose service.

The Series 3520 features an ambient-temperature electrochemical sensor. The enhanced mechanical design of the sensor ensures longer life, and virtually eliminates leakage of caustic electrolyte. The sealed sensor is not position-sensitive and does not require manual adjustment based on changes in the molecular weights of sample gases such as helium and hydrogen. The output from the sensor is both linear and temperature-compensated to provide optimum performance.

An optional CO2-tolerant trace oxygen sensor is capable of providing accurate oxygen readings in gases containing up to 100% CO2 without shortening the life of the sensor.

Measurement ranges
0-10; 0-50; 0-100; 0-500; 0-1,000
0-5,000; 0-10,000; or 0-20,000 ppm
±1% of full scale accuracy
90% of full scale in less than 10 seconds response time
40 to 104°F (5 to 40°C) operating temperature range
Rechargeable NICAD batteries with universal AC charger
1/4″ stainless steel compression fittings
2-year electronics and 1-year sensor warranty
3-1/2 digit LCD
Polycarbonate-rated NEMA 1 enclosure

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